Tricksilver - by Rob Burbidge

"Tricksilver" is based on a short story by American author O. Henry and is a one-act play set in America about a century ago. It's a comic tale of cross, double-cross, and triple cross.

As the twentieth century dawns, the United States of America is the land of opportunity. There are plenty of ways to make a quick buck, but the quickest and biggest bucks are made by the scam artists. Having a conscience is a bit of a handicap for confidence trickster Jeff Peters. He decides against the advice of his business partner to include a real woman in his marriage agency scam. Will he find out that women are the honest sex, or will he discover that a woman can be the equal of a man in dishonesty? Will he break the habit of a lifetime, and trust a bank? In this tale of cross and double-cross, who gets the loot?


Jeff Peters (Richard Parker); Andy Tucker (Dave Burbidge); Mrs Matilda Trotter (Becky Davies); Mrs Agatha Marshall (Jane Weston)

Director: Rob Burbidge