The Wizard of Oz

A stage adaptation of L. Frank Baum's 1900 children's fantasy novel 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' made famous by the film starring a young Judy Garland


Aunt Emm (Winnie Goodwin); Uncle Henry (Joe Findlay); Dorothy (Joy Hanley); The Good Witch (Carol Hughes); The Wicked Witch (Shirley Dodson); The Witch’s Cat (Teresa Mellor); The Scarecrow (Kevin Gunning); The Tinman (Paul Garratt); The Cowardly Lion (Barry Mercer); The Queen of the Fieldmice (Karen Pearce); The Guardian of the Gates (Richard Kemnitz); The Wizard of Oz (Robert Elrick)

People of Munchkinland and the Emerald City: Sally Bogulak, Joan Brooks, Joan Davies, Tristan Ellis, Joe Findley, Winnie Goodwin, Caroline Harris, Pat Herring & Martine Mellor

Little people: Lia Bielby, John Fisher, Eleanor Gade, Jonathan & Michael Harris and Holly Hanley

Director: Sue Goodwin

WADAMS 1991 - The Wizard of Oz