The Emperor's New Clothes

Brungaria Palace is in the city of Brungaria, which is the capital of the tiny but inexplicably rich empire of Brungaria. The Emperor Caractacus 13th rules over the country of Brungaria and demands only the finest gismos and 'all that'. But his older sister, the Grand Duchess Domina, thinks that she should rule the land and seeks to take the throne for herself with the help of Hook & Crook, who devise a plot to humiliate the Emperor! Another hilarious pantomime by Tina & Rob Burbidge

Chancellor (Dave Burbidge); Emperor Caractacus 13th (Rob Burbidge); Princess Pippa (Chloe Welch); Hetty Hullabaloo (Penny Caird); Billy Hullabaloo (Tina Burbidge); Grand Duchess Domina (Sally Parker); Hook (Adam Jenkins); Crook (Simon Crutchley); Reporter (Christine Gresham)

Director: Jane Weston