Some Rhyme, Some Reason


Dandelions and Double 'U's - By Rob Burbidge (based on the short story “Springtime a la carte” by O Henry)

Sarah sits....


Narrator (Jovi Ridd); Sarah (Sharon Bennet); Waiter (Rob Burbidge); Walter (Simon Crutchley)

Director: Bev Margerison

Little Red Whittington - By Richard Tydeman

A unique situation arises when two companies, each about to perform a different pantomime – ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Dick Whittington’ combine forces and do the two as one...


Narrator (Sally Kirkup); Compere (Sharon Bennet); Dick Whittington (Rob Burbidge); Cat (Jovi Ridd); Wolf (Gideon Burbidge); King/Butler (Isaac Burbidge); Queen Maid (Sally Parker); Chamberlain/Alderman (Jenny Burbidge); Grandmother (Fran Kenworthy)

Director: Dave Burbidge

WI Blues - By John Peel

Grace is hosting an unofficial WI meeting to discuss the threat to the local organisation by 'the wrong sort of people' in the village. Unfortunately, it turns out that her husband isn't just out for the evening - he's gone for good


Grace (Jane Weston); Fiona (Bev Margerison); Jane (Penny Caird); Pippa (Michaela Cadden) & Hazel (Katie Stevens)

Director: Simon Crutchley