One Act Play Evening 2013

Beginners - By Jane Witton

A disparate group of actresses sit backstage waiting their call to appear on stage. Whilst they wait they chat about this and that, until forced to deal with an unexpected event.
Eve (Bernadette Young); Lorraine (Tina Burbidge); Allie (Bev Margerison); Stacey (Freya Steele); Elizabeth (Jane Weston); Madeline (Sally Parker); Woman in the corner (Christine Gresham)

Director: Simon Crutchley

The Apple - By Jimmy Brunelle

While working in a wing of an art museum, a janitor accidentally leaves an apple behind on an empty pedestal. Nutty patrons come along and think it was meant to be a piece of art. Crazy perceptions and hijinks proceed to happen, culminating in acts of censorship and protest against the apple...
Janitor/Elvis - Isaac Burbidge; Moocher/Mona - Kara Morcumb; Ebee - Laura Morcumb; Professor Rope - Chloe Welch; Sisky - Emily Green; Peevish/Curly - Gideon Burbidge; Cally - Rachel White; Moonshot - Sophie Steele; Mime Artist/Lara - Amy Summers; Petula - Isobel Summers

Director: Dave Burbidge

One Down, Three Across - By Marty Jackson
Set in the corridor of a local hospital we meet Frank, Hilda and Alice and discover their secrets....
Frank (Simon Crutchley); Hilda (Jane Weston); Alice (Karen Evans); Cleaner (Christine Gresham)

Director: Dave Burbidge