One Act Play Evening - 1996

An evening's entertainment featuring a pair of One act plays

Dark Brown by Philip Johnson

The scene is the living room at the back of Arthur Browns tobacconist shop in the High Street of a town not so very far from London, on the evening of a summer’s day towards the end of the last century.


Mrs CoIIins (Winnie Goodwin); Miss Tasker (Christine Mercer); Jenny Brown (Shirley Dodson); Bella Crewe (Joy Hanley); Fred Whitworth (Kevin Gunning); Mrs Persophelous (Doreen Barclay); Arthur Brown (Barry Mercer)

Producer:  Robert Elrick

Courting disaster by Margaret Wood

The course of true love never did run too smoothly, and it certainly isn't doing so for Meg, housekeeper to the tyrannical Trevor Lloyd. Meg is sweet on Trevor’s younger brother Hughie, who feel the same about her but lacks the confidence and imagination to make the first move. Trevor, too, has love problems, although in his case it is land which brings the light of love into his eyes. When Trevor decides to gain more land by marrying either of two eligible (i.e. land-owning) ladies, Meg decides it is time to act, and brings all her mis-matchmaking (for Trevor) and matchmaking (for Hughie) skills into play, with lively results


Meg (Teresa Mellor); Sandra (Karen Howell); Trevor (Paul Garrett); Hughie (Kevin Gunning); P. C. Bowen (Adrian Young); Phoebe Hunter (Karen Evans); Alice Chapman (Carol Hughes)

Producer: Barry Mercer


 WADAMs production of Philip Johnson's "Dark Brown" in 1996  
WADAMs production of Philip Johnson's "Dark Brown" in 1996