An unfortunate convent cooking accident causes most of the order of 'the Little Sisters of Hoboken' to die of botulism. Before all of the deceased sisters can be buried, Reverend Mother Superior buys a camcorder and VCR for the convent - resulting in not having enough money to bury the four remaining sisters (which, by the way, are temporarily being stored in the freezer. In order to raise money to bury the four dead sisters, 'the Little Sisters of Hoboken' (well, what's left of them) put on a riotous revue packed with hilarious, show-stopping song and dance numbers.


Sister Mary Regina (Doreen Greenshields); Sister Mary Hubert (Sue Goodwin); Sister Robert Anne (Pat Herring); Sister Mary Amnesia (Caroline Harris); Sister Mary Leo (Joy Hanley)

Director: Jean Leo

WADAMS 1991 - Nunsense