Fun x Three

An evening of varied One Act plays

Wife Required by Faulkland L Cary & Philip King

One act farce set in Mr Aspinall’s office


Anna Gott (Chris Mercer); Henry Aspinall (Paul Garratt); Barney Dare (Sue Goodwin); The Girl (Nikki Ward); Miss Avalon Pippin (Joy Hanley); Elderly lady (Winnie Goodwin)

Director: Dave Burbidge

Il Fornicazione - By Michael Green

"Il Fornicazione" is one of the 'Plays for Coarse Actors' by Michael Green. This is an opera, but unfortunately the orchestra has failed to arrive! Undeterred the actors plow on regardless in this grim tale of operatic adultery, poison and mayhem.


Conductor (Barry Mercer); Lady Triangle (Veronica Tricker); The Chorus  (Pat Herring, Catherine Powell); Countess Maria Formaggio (Sue Goodwin); The Maid (Joy Hanley); Alfonso (Adrian Davis); Count Formaggio (Tony Manders)

Director: Carol Hughes


Blame It On The Boots - by NJ Warburton

No one would have blamed it on the boots if only Kate had produced Macbeth instead of Hamlet, or Ophelia hadn't been so attractive and naive, or Eric had smaller feet and wasn't the drama group's prize flirt, or Liz's father hadn't been an actor who once trod the boards at Stratford in those self-same boots. But Kate does produce Hamlet and Eric flirts outrageously with the impressionable Ophelia. Liz insists that the Ghost wear the boots. On the last night the boots are worn but not, as everyone thinks, by Eric. He is trapped in his dressing room. So who gave such an impressive performance as the Ghost?


Ophelia (Kate Davy); Kate (Pat Herring); Eric (Tony Manders); Liz (Karen Pearce); Stage hand (Catherine Powell)

Director: Barry Mercer