Dead End - by Alan Crocker

Two elderly sisters are relieved when a quiet young couple move in next door. Little do they know this will set off a chain of, events that will lead to bitterness and unrest. Long-buried secrets are revealed, sides taken and a devastating twist in the tail brings the curtain down.


Cordelia Barbour (Jane Weston); Phoebe Renton (Jean Leo); Amanda Wardle (Clare Rasheed) & Nicholas James (Simon Crutchley)

Directed by: Kevin Gunning

“Amanda Wardle” - Clare Rasheed & “Nicholas James” - Simon Crutchley in WADAMS production of Alan Crocker's “Dead End” in July 2002
“Cordelia Barbour” - Jane Weston;  “Phoebe Renton” - Jean Leo;  “Amanda Wardle” - Clare Rasheed; “Nicholas James” - Simon Crutchley;  “The Author” – Alan Crocker & “Director” -  Kevin Gunning WADAMS production of his "Dead End" in July 2002