Cat's Cradle - by Leslie Sands

In a last desperate attempt to resurrect his career in the CID, Inspector Frost re-opens the case that ruined him - a kidnap and possible murder he failed to solve some years before.

With a new piece of evidence, he returns to the village in which the disappearance occurred. Where he was once a welcome guest, he now finds the villagers are no longer interested in reliving the past and in seeing old faces. As it becomes increasingly apparent he is facing a conspiracy of silence and hostility, he enlists the assistance of a local ambitious journalist to help him with his investigations.
The guilty and terrible secrets of those who have spent years shouldering the burden of the truth is finally resolved in a series of startling revelations, much to the Inspector's horror and the surprise of the audience.


Miss Merton (Jenny Burbidge); Peggy Fletcher (Jane Weston); Sam Fletcher (Dave Burbidge); Inspector Frost (Simon Crutchley); Pamela Fulton (Penny Caird); Sarah Fulton (Tammy Hollands); Bob Marriot (Tom Freegard); Sir Charles Cresswell (Rob Burbidge)