Babes in the Wood

The ultimate pantomime villain, the Sheriff of Nottingham, hatches a wicked plan to get rid of his niece and nephew, the Babes in the Wood, and claim their fortune. It’s down to Robin Hood to save the day and stop the Sheriff with a little help from his band of 'Merry Men', or maybe Maid Marion and hers?


Sheriff of Nottingham (Simon Crutchley); Granny Gumball (Christine Gresham); Maid Marion (Catherine Welch); Charlie (Isaac Burbidge); Lola (Sophie Kay); Chips (Brenda Woodward); Tina (Penny Caird); Vicky (Bern Young); Ruby (Jenny Burbidge); Dobbin (Laura Morcumb & Sophie Steele); Bodge (Annie Haines); Dodge (Lizzy Baker); Robin Hood (Adam Jenkins); Little John (Rob Burbidge); Friar Tuck (Michael Gresham); Will Scarlett (Tim Kay); Alan Adale (Ian Laurie); Trevor the Taxman (Dave Burbidge); Herald (Sally Parker)

Children & Woodland animals: Joe Bristow, Gideon Burbidge, Chloe Godfrey, Emily Green, Kara Morcumb & Rachel White)

Director: Tina Burbidge